How Childhood Trauma Affects Your Later Life

Adults who have unhealed childhood trauma who enter relationships bring that pain along with them.  The normal desire for intimacy, dependency, and needs end up triggering past pain and wounds. When conflict arises, the past and present become mixed, full of emotions. This is why a seemingly minor conflict can erupt into a huge battlefield.…

Illusive Fairy Tale {Poetry}

who says we are not strong enough to let everything go? to let destiny flow? the ascent, my loves, is a mystical premonition a veiled partition with silver-swirl stars twinkle-toeing all over this illusive fairytale

What is Codependency?

Codependency is when a person has an unhealthy and addictive relationship with another person.  It is a term that came out from the recovery movement years ago. It is a state of “dis-ease” that many experts believe stem from some sort of childhood abuse or neglect. The dysfunctional personality a codependent person displays as an…

Wings to Fly {Poetry}

sometimes when there’s a full moon i wake at midnight and lie underneath her shine pretending she’s all mine this luminous pearl this sky cover girl hanging in a lonely sky hoping she’ll give me wings to fly.    

Summit Call {Poetry}

motionless before the fang-white mountain, cascade of white thundering down glimpsing majesty, the summit calls all the way to  bone’s marrow onward, lost soul upward, toward the whole of the person you feared you’d never be